The Dental Perils of Childhood Thumb-Sucking

It’s normal for a child to suck their thumb to some extent. But when is it not OK? Let’s take a look at some of the things you, as a parent, need to know about your child’s thumb-sucking. Then anorthodontist in Laurel, MD, can help you with this if and when it becomes a problem.

The Dental Perils of Childhood Thumb-Sucking

Childhood thumb-sucking is OK until it’s not. So, let’s go over both. Then, you can talk with a dentist aboutearly orthodontic treatments in Laurel, MD, to help stop thumb-sucking immediately.

  • What Age Should My Child Stop Sucking Their Thumb?

It’s normal for infants to suck their thumbs. It’s a self-soothing mechanism. Most children stop thumb-sucking between the ages of two and three.

  • When It Is and Isn’t OK for a Child to Suck Their Thumb?

Before the age of four, it’s OK for your child to suck their thumb. Once they are past the age of four, they shouldn’t still be sucking their thumb. At six years of age, their baby teeth start to fall out. If they are still sucking their thumb once their adult teeth come in, that’s when potential lifelong problems could occur.

  • The Dental Dangers of Thumb Sucking

The following are the implications of post-toddler thumb-sucking. Misaligned teeth, speech impediments, open bite, and overbite. Not to mention the social ramifications. Thumb-sucking affects the overall development of your child’s jaws, teeth, and palate.

  • How Do I Stop My Child from Sucking Their Thumb?

There are several methods you can try to stop your child from sucking their thumb. However, there is a dental option that is more effective than anything else. It’s an oral appliance designed to stop thumb-sucking quickly and easily. It’s called a palatal crib. It usually stops thumb-sucking immediately.

Looking for an Orthodontist in Laurel, MD, for Your Child?

Don’t allow your child’s thumb-sucking to become a lifetime of problems. PleaseContact Heller Orthodontics today. We can help you break your child of thumb-sucking quickly and easily. Let’s talk about how.

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