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At Heller Orthodontics in Bethesda and Laurel, MD, we strive to offer our patients the highest quality orthodontic care, and ensure all of their questions are answered. No matter the patient, our family orthodontist will be sure to walk you through every step of treatment, including answering your questions. We understand that getting Invisalign can be an adjustment period and we are here to help you through it! Our skilled and experienced orthodontic team has put together a list of frequently asked questions about Invisalign. Check out the questions below and never hesitate to contact Heller Orthodontics!


What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic appliance used to treat crooked or misaligned teeth. Orthodontists usually recommend Invisalign to patients with minor to mild orthodontic needs, as it cannot treat severe orthodontic problems. Invisalign in Bethesda consists of two clear plastic aligners to slowly move your teeth to the desired position.

How Do Aligners Move Teeth?

Over the course of your orthodontic treatment, you will be given a series of aligners. Each one will make slight adjustments to tooth position, a process that is planned out in advance, specifically to meet your needs. The aligners put consistent pressure on the teeth, causing them to shift from their current positions. Approximately every 2 weeks, you will change aligners until your teeth are correctly aligned according to the precise treatment plan developed by Dr Heller, your local orthodontist in Bethesda and Laurel, MD.

How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Last?

The length of treatment is patient dependent and specific. The average Invisalign treatment case takes about 12-18 months.

What Is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen is just like regular Invisalign in Laurel but with a couple of notable differences. Invisalign Teen aligners come with tiny compliance indicators which fade as the aligners are worn to tell the patient, parents and orthodontist whether the aligners are being worn as directed. The aligners also have ‘eruption tabs’ built right in which hold space for permanent teeth that have yet to erupt through the gums.

Are There Food Restrictions?

No, the Invisalign aligners are designed to be removed when eating and drinking. You can continue to enjoy all your favorite foods while you’re improving your smile with Invisalign in Bethesda. (Although, our patients who have attachments on their teeth with Invisalign treatment do need to be careful eating crunchy foods).

How Often Should I Wear My Aligners?

In order for Invisalign to work properly, the aligners must be worn for 22+ hours each day. They should only be taken out when eating or drinking and when brushing or flossing. In addition, if you play a contact sport it is recommended to remove aligners during the activity.


How Do I Clean My Aligners?

Simply brush the aligners gently using a small dab of toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush and then rinse them off when done. A good time to clean your aligners is when you are brushing and flossing your teeth. Never use hot water when cleaning the aligners because it can warp the plastic which would render the aligners unwearable.

Why Is Invisalign So Popular?

Teens and adults with Invisalign enjoy the fact that the aligners are virtually invisible, giving them the confidence to smile broadly throughout the course of their treatment. Another loved feature of Invisalign in Laurel is the fact that there are no restrictions on what you can eat. And, since there are no wires to tighten and adjust, Invisalign patients enjoy having to make fewer orthodontic appointments over the course of their treatment.

Will I Have To Wear A Retainer When I’m Finished With Invisalign?

Yes, you will need to wear a retainer according to the directions we give you to ensure that your teeth remain in their new positions.

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