Are DIY Braces A Good Idea?

Are DIY Braces A Good Idea?
Posted on 05/10/2016

While there are DIY projects online that are nothing short of brilliant, DIY braces is not one of them! The Internet has made life so much easier and more convenient. Today we can find all types of information and do-yourself-solutions to many common everyday problems. However, with the good comes the bad. There are websites and videos on the web that tell people how to make their own orthodontic braces using elastic ties, dental floss, or a 3-D printer.

The experienced team at Heller Orthodontics cannot stress enough what a bad idea it is to attempt to make your own braces. Only an orthodontist has the skill, know-how and experience necessary to place braces on the teeth. One of the most viewed videos online for DIY braces features a young woman showing viewers how to make braces using elastic hair ties.

While it's understandable that people want to save money on orthodontic treatment, the worst way possible to save money is by making your own braces out of elastic ties. When elastic ties are tightly wrapped around teeth, they can work their way into the gum tissue and get lodged there. If this were to happen, a serious infection could occur, leading to emergency tooth extractions, tooth loss, or even death.

Some of the blogs and videos online that encourage people to make their own braces claim their DIY methods for moving teeth are fast and safe. For instance, one young man says he moved his teeth in just 16 weeks without any major issues. The problem with this is that many issues can occur if teeth are moved too quickly such as extensive bone and gum damage. Additionally, if the teeth are moved into the wrong positions, the bite can be thrown off which causes problems with chewing food and digestion. 

The DIY braces fad became so widespread online that it prompted the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) to issue a press release and a series of videos warning against DIY braces. 

DIY Isn’t Always Better

 While you can save time and money by tackling many different types of projects yourself, a do-it-yourself approach to orthodontic treatment will inevitably do much more harm than good. Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to make your own braces. 

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