As your source for orthodontics in and around Laurel and Bethesda, we at Heller Orthodontics aim to provide you with the most efficient orthodontic treatment possible. Not only do we offer a large variety of highly effective orthodontic treatments, such as braces and Invisalign, but we also offer several different orthodontic appliances that can be utilized to improve the comfort and convenience of these procedures. As your trusted Bethesda and Laurel orthodontist, we’re proud to introduce to you one such appliance: the AcceleDent System.

Introducing the AcceleDent® System

The AcceleDent System is the first and only orthodontic micropulse device that’s available right now. It is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device that’s used to complement traditional braces or Invisalign. AcceleDent works by generating precisely calibrated micropulses that accelerate tooth movement and help reduce treatment time. By using it for merely 20 minutes a day, you can speed up your treatment time and also reduce any discomfort in your orthodontic treatment. 

Why You Should Choose AcceleDent

AcceleDent advances the science of orthodontic care to a whole new level by offering the following benefits:

  • With AcceleDent, tooth movement is accelerated by approximately 106 percent during the initial alignment and by up to 50 percent during closure of extraction space. This can shorten a patient’s treatment time by 30-50%!
  • AcceleDent’s safety has been demonstrated in U.S. trials at two orthodontic programs with satisfactory results. There was no evidence of increased root resorption and no serious adverse effects.
  • AcceleDent is highly tested and approved. It’s had over three years of international clinical experience in private practice.

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