SureSmile Advanced

Braces are a safe and reliable way to achieve beautiful straight teeth—and with Suresmile they just got more precise! Here at Heller Orthodontics, your local orthodontist in Bethesda and Laurel, MD, we know all the work that goes into straightening your teeth with braces, and we want to make sure that your results are exactly what you wanted. That's why we employ Suresmile, the groundbreaking braces-enhancing technology, to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of your braces treatment. Learn everything you need to know about Suresmile below, and how your orthodontist in Bethesda is taking braces to the next level!

What Is Suresmile Advanced?

Our Bethesda and Laurel orthodontics offices are employing this cutting edge technology to eliminate any need for guess and check work when straightening your teeth. While traditional braces use an effective—but more general—corrective braces technique, Suresmile employs a computer model of your teeth to design the ideal braces shape for your mouth. After creating a digital scan of your teeth, Suresmile uses imaging technology to predict what the most effective shape for your braces will be, and allows us to make it a reality. Suresmile helps us create braces that don’t waste any time getting your teeth to where they need to be!

Schedule an Appointment With Your Orthodontist in Bethesda and Laurel, MD

Whether you are planning on braces at our Laurel orthodontics office or if you are simply thinking about straightening your teeth, Heller Orthodontics has the cutting edge technology to make your braces experience as easy and effective as possible. Suresmile not only makes your braces treatment more efficient, it reduces the amount of visits you have to pay to the orthodontist in Bethesda, and causes less dental discomfort! Contact Heller Orthodontic today to learn more about Suresmile or to schedule an appointment!

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